Monday, March 17, 2008

My First Con...!

The Con Experience...
I spent the weekend at my first fantasy convention - it was a local one here in Cincinnati, called Millenicon. Overall, I met some really great people, and had a lot of fun. This picture was me on a panel with Steven Barnes, who has written for TV quite a bit as well as novels, and Tobias Buckell who just won a Nebula award - very cool!

It was a fun weekend, and I always enjoy new experiences. I even heard my first Filk music - always something new!
I'll be going to Marcon in Columbus this spring as well, and I'm sure some more in the future...

Love and kisses,


Tobias Buckell said...

Nominated for the Nebula, not won :-)

Thanks for the mention Kaza, it was nice to meet you this weekend!

Sean said...


Thank you coming to Millennicon. It was a pleasure to meet you, and I enjoyed our brief conversation. Your opinions in the writing panels were quite helpful.