Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Raw Food Fantasy

I am so jealous of you Californians, and New Yorkers, and all those other cities that have "Raw Food Restaurants." When I was in Santa Monica on my recent book tour I stopped by Juliano's Raw Restaurant on the corner of 6th and Broadway. http://www.planetraw.com/raw-restaurant.php
It was as amazing as I remembered. I can't remember what this dish was in the picture, but you can get the idea: (I think it was a dessert.)

And to even make it better, I went with my friend, fellow writer and bookseller Russel. I think if anyone sitting near us didn't know we were writers they might have worried about our conversation. (You can't imagine what we were getting our characters into!)

I think this was some kind of raw spring roll. Everything at this place, even the desserts, are all made from raw, healthy ingredients. How do they make chocolate cakes and ice creams at places like this? All I know is it involved a lot of coconut and vanilla beans ... Just go, okay??

Here's another really nice review I found today.


Hope you're all keeping warm!
Luv and squeezes,

Sunday, December 9, 2007

California Dreaming...

A Real Treat
One of the best parts about visiting L.A. in December was that I got to stay with my Most Amazing Uncle Marty when I was there! What a fun break. The rest of my California trip was great, too, but so busy with school talks, signings, media, etc.

Isn't he a sweetie!
Hope you're all psyching up for a great Holiday season!
Luv Always,