Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Things are Getting Stranger...

I just got into DC last night. It was great hanging with my brother. He told me something freaky though, and I just have to share. It's becoming a strange world (guess it always has been, but wait 'til you hear this!)

Because of all the gamers online now, there is a new sweatshop type industry that has popped up in China now. People (mostly kids) are working around the clock doing video games - for money - to rack up points for people. In other words, gamers can buy points online to help them with their games. But the points have to come from somewhere. These people, called "gold farmers," are racking up points, getting paid for them, and their employers are selling the points online.

This amazes me. Any time I think my life is strange...

Here's a YouTube vid about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho5Yxe6UVv4

and here is more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farmer_(gaming)

Hope you're all doing great!!
Love, ya - Kaza

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sister Time...

When I was in NYC a few days ago I got to stay with my sister, Jennifer. It was great to see her, her husband Sam, and their cute baby, Isaac! Sam was out of town two of they days I was there, so at night, when I was done signing books at stores, and Isaac was asleep, Jen and I got some rare sister time to talk, eat pizza and laugh. I think I kept her up far too late, considering she had to get up early for Isaac and for work!

And, of course, while in New York, I couldn't resist stopping by China Town and getting tons (yes, tons) of amazing Chinese pastries. Jen, Sam and I shared what I didn't scarf down immediately. (If you haven't had fresh rice cakes from a Chinese bakery you don't know what you're missing! They can be gooey - and I guess might be an acquired taste - but ... yummm!!!)

And I bought myself a little dragon to add to my small collection. I like to look at them when I write.

Since then, I did a great signing in Willow Grove (Philly) and got to eat a cheese steak (yes, this is becoming all about food...)

Then I did a signing at the Barnes and Noble Power Plant in Baltimore. The coolest interior of a Barnes and Noble I've seen yet! It actually used to be an old power plant. This link shows some of the brass and metal structures running through the middle of the store!
This one shows the cool look from the outside. The whole area feels like a big party:

Now on to DC and to see my brother!!

All love,