Saturday, August 10, 2013

Finally here!!

Hi guys. First I have to say that I'm sorry I've been so long in updating my blog and website. I assure you that I have been hard at work writing though! I had someone helping with my web pages in the past, and now have to figure out how to use Front Page again...

I have been getting multiple emails every day asking about Book Six of Erec Rex. People have been worried that I am not writing it as there has been no web presence from me. But I will try to fix that . . . and I assure you that Book Six is underway! I hope that it will come out some time in 2013, but will tell you more details for sure in a few short months.

In the meantime, I have also written another book unrelated to the series which is with my editor at Simon and Schuster. More on that to come as well, but I'm super excited about it, too!

Love to you all, and please stay it touch. Shouldn't be too much longer . . .