Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blog Tour - Day Seven!

Today I get to be a guest
of the amazing Stephanie's Confessions of a Book-A-Holic. I think Stephanie wins the prize for art on her page - it's SO beautiful! Of course, loving fantasy, it has a lot of my faves in it. Unicorns, faries, a spectacular sunset, mystical castle in the background.

Well, check it out for yourself! Beyond being beautiful, Stephanie's site is full of fantastic info about books, and other great tidbits, too. I know I'll be a regular there!

Check out Day Seven of my blog tour here.

And, also, I found a fantastic review for Monsters of Otherness on My Clean Book Reviews!
I'm stopping there on my tour, as well, soon!

Great News about a Free Erec Rex book giveaway!
The great site, Fanatic Space is hosting two giveaway contests for The Dragon's Eye and The Monsters of Otherness.
Just click on these links, go to the one you most want to win, and follow the simple directions. Just post a comment, and you may win a free book!
Good luck!

Love and hugs,

Friday, January 11, 2008

Blog Tour - Day Six!

This blog tour has been so much fun. The questions have been great, and I've gotten to meet some new faces (well, avatars anyway! :})

Today I will be the guest of The Children's Literature Book Club, especially cool for me as it based in Columbus, Ohio, not far from me! More new questions (bet you never thought you'd get to know me this well!) and a slightly older baby picture await you there!

And I have another new blog to announce! The Worlds of Genre is a cool new blog that won my heart by discussing Erec Rex in it's opening post (3rd paragraph!) Yea!!!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blog Tour - Day Five!

I am so excited today to be a guest of the marvelous Bibliophile's Retreat, a wonderful blog by a self-proclaimed voracious reader. She does reviews, and did a wonderful review of Erec Rex in the past. Come check out her fantastic interview questions - they're all unique to her site along my tour! And see me grow up more in the pics...!

Speaking of reviews, Jason Wigley at gave Erec Rex a great review here.
I love the way it starts: Erec Rex is not a Harry Potter Clone. Thank you Jason! Cleared that up right away...!

Hope you come and visit me on tour today!
Luv always,

Blog Tour - Day Four!

I'm off again, soaring further into the web. Today I visit the Fan-tastic Blog at FanaticSpace, with Jason Wigley. FanaticSpace is not just a blog - the blog is part of a wonderful site that is created for fans of ... well, practically everything! And in case the extensive list of fan topics (anime, games, movies, SciFi, fantasy, horror, books, music, comics, TV...) don't include your favorite, you are welcome to add your own! They have news, forums, links, and more.

As I'm going to be on panels at two upcoming fantasy cons (Millenicon and Marcon,) I think Jason will be the perfect person to give me advice.

I found another interesting review today of The Dragon's Eye at

Hope you come see me on FanaticSpace - and leave me a comment there!

Luv always,

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Blog Tour - Day Three!

Continuing my further adventures in blogland, I am going today to the blog of an inspiring and sweet mother, reader, and much more. It's called Baseballs and Bows - a sweet name for this mother's lessons of the ins and outs of motherhood.

Again, all of the questions will be new ones on this post, as well as all the others.

I'm honored to be her guest! I hope you join us and add to the discussion.


Blog Tour - Day Two!!

Come check it out! It's Day Two, and I'm being hosted at Books4Ever, a great site about childrens' and YA books. More fun questions - and find out what the hardest part about writing is for me. You'll also see another new baby picture - those have been fun to spread around!

Day One had some great comments, and was a lot of fun. I hope to see you at this new site today!

Luv, Kaza

Monday, January 7, 2008

Blog Tour - Day One!

Yahoo!! Today is the first day of my blog tour!!
I get to whiz around through cyberspace and stop by some of my favorite blogs to say hi!

Some of the interview questions I've gotten have been great. The cool thing is that none of the questions or blog content will repeat between any of the blogs - everyone had their own, separate topics! Pretty cool, I think.

I hope you come stop by and visit at my first stop - it's A Fort Made of Books, a fantastic blog by MuggleNet's own Robbie Fisher, who does the Book Trolley reviews! How fun!
Hope to see you there!