Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blog Tour - Day Four!

I'm off again, soaring further into the web. Today I visit the Fan-tastic Blog at FanaticSpace, with Jason Wigley. FanaticSpace is not just a blog - the blog is part of a wonderful site that is created for fans of ... well, practically everything! And in case the extensive list of fan topics (anime, games, movies, SciFi, fantasy, horror, books, music, comics, TV...) don't include your favorite, you are welcome to add your own! They have news, forums, links, and more.

As I'm going to be on panels at two upcoming fantasy cons (Millenicon and Marcon,) I think Jason will be the perfect person to give me advice.

I found another interesting review today of The Dragon's Eye at

Hope you come see me on FanaticSpace - and leave me a comment there!

Luv always,

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BlackRabbit said...

Hey, Kaza. Tis me,Mike, more commonly known in this wonderful world of blogs as the BlackRabbit (definite nod to Mr. Richard Addams to be sure.) I promised to leave a comment and here it is. Believe me, everyone, this is one writer with the energy and spirit to pull together one heck of story. Erec Rex now sits prominently on my desk next to Beowulf, Watership Down, and the Hogfather. She has weaved a tale that both inspires and dares you to pull your eyes away to take a sip of coffee (where did mine go?) And Kaza, if I find out you had something to do with my bewitched alarm clock...there it goes again..with my keyboa...