Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm DONE!!

And . . . . I'm DONE!!! (With Book Four: The Three Furies)

Wow, I cannot tell you how amazed I am. Even though I new it had to end, it still is shocking to me that it's really done. WOOO -HOOO!!!!!

Thank you for being here with me during this time. Wow.

Now, of course, come the million go-overs and re-edits, both from myself and real editors.

This was a long one, it turns out. This may change, but at the moment, it is the same word count as Book Six of Harry Potter, just for comparison.


Whenever I'm at this point, I always say I'm going to take a day off to celebrate, but I usually get too excited to stay away and launch right into edits the next day. :}

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A new blog . . . and Book Four!

Very soon, in a few weeks, I should have moved from this Blogger blog to a new, downloadable Wordpress format. I'm really excited about it. It feels a little like I'm graduating. Which is kind of cool, as a grown up, to still have things to graduate to.

I hope I don't eat my words, and find out it's just too hard to hook the reigns around that self-hosted Wordpress stallion. But it will be so cool, so I'm up for the ride!!

I've been completely buried in Book Four--which is a good thing. I'm really enjoying it. So odd for me, though, that Book Three is still not out yet. When you're all caught up on Erec's latest I'll feel a lot better. :}

Luv, Kaza

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have been LOVING the contests on the forum page of! The fiction contest in November was a blast. The submissions were great, and now there is some really fun reading up on the forum for everyone! The first prize went to an Erec Rex fan fiction story about Balthazar Ugry that was amazingly good.

Now, in January, there is a three part ART contest with some really great prizes including posters, tee shirts, and even something one of a kind: the first five chapters of Book Three printed off my printer, personalized to the winner, and signed by the author (me!)

The contest includes an Original Art, Fan Art, and Movie sections, and the submissions so far have blown me away. :}

On the writing front, Book Four, The Three Furies, is going great. It should be done as a first draft by the end of this month!

Love to you all, and GREAT New Year ...