Saturday, February 23, 2008

What can ONE Author Do?

What can ONE Author Do?
James Dashner, Author of The 13th Reality, may have the answer to that!

I am proud to say that my new friend and fellow fantasy author, James Dashner, is doing something that makes me smile. He found a charity that is trying to "make poverty history." Who can't like that idea? And he is going to donate all the royalties he makes from the first week of sales of his new book to The One.

Here is James - check out his new book, The 13th Reality, new in stores now! I'm in the middle of reading it, and am happy to say it's great!!

By the way, James,
You aren't the only one who can do this! I'm going to look into similar things to do as well. I'm all for making this world much, much, better, but if every one of us doesn't do it, who will???

Love and Hugs,

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Amazing Kaleb Nation

It's been a little while
since I posted here. Writing The Search for Truth got me off track completely, but I'm back in the real world finally ... for now!

Kaleb Nation
So before I'm lost again in the next book I write - I've got a lot to talk about. This post is dedicated to a great guy, a brilliant, talented individual who I am glad to know. Did I say he's talented? He's not only the mastermind behind my website, but he also composes music for fun when he's not writing novels (his first hopefully to come out soon,) hosting online radio shows, doing art and design work, and just starting college - in case that wasn't enough on its own!

Kaleb made this amazing video about the first Erec Rex book that I'm happy to share with you:
Check it out! I love it, and Kaleb is so funny.

He's also done another really funny video about "What College Guys Eat," that I loved --

You might also want to look at Kaleb's blog, too, at
Who else could have created a huge controversy from one of his many tongue-in-cheek entries about what it's like to be chosen as the lead actor in the upcoming Stephenie Meyers flick? (He's not, actually, before I start that up again!)

I'm glad to know you, Kaleb, and may we someday meet in person!

By the way, I just found this sweet video someone made about Erec Rex on YouTube!!

Love and hugs,