Saturday, May 3, 2008

Erec Rex hits Japan!

I just got the Japanese versions of the first two Erec Rex books from Japan - they are beautiful! There are only a few English words, like Erec Rex on the covers and my name on the backs, and the title pages in English inside. Luckily I know someone from Japan who translated a bit for me. It sounds like the story inside is the same (well, except for a few words like "howl" changed to "the sound a wolf makes," I guess things that don't translate directly.) But the titles are different! The title of Book One is The Magic Eye of the Dragon, and Book Two is The Birth of the Dark Prince. Wow - that's a change!! It actually may read The Arrival of the Dark Prince - it wasn't clear.

The books are SO beautiful - more than you can tell from the pictures. They're big, too, and they have dust jackets over soft covers. I love the art! This is Book Two - The figure in front with the eyes coming out in his face is obviously Baskania - but such a cool looking Baskania! I love the way his long fingernails are poised around Erec Rex. Notice Erec's hair - straight in front, and curly in back...!

This is Book One - check out Bethany's outfit!! It's hard to see here, but there is an awesome dragon curved around behind them. They're holding a scepter - very cool!!

Can't wait to see the art from more countries as it pops up! Here is the Thai version, they used the same artist as the American version. It looks SO cool, I love it -