Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blog Tour - Day Sixteen!

Surprise! We have one more day of the blog tour added on for fun! It's at Young Adults Books Central - an awesome and fun blog all about my favorite topic!

So, rounding out a completely awesome tour of some of my favorite sites online, I get to end up with some really fun, light questions that nobody else thought to ask!
Hope you join me for this last day. And thanks for touring with me!


Blog Tour - Day Fifteen!

Yea!! My blog tour concludes (...or does it...?) with a stop at the awesome, the fabulous, the smokin' The Jay. It was not only a super-fun interview by this pop culture commentator and icon, but also a chance to meet a cool new friend. Check it out!

Is this the end of the blog tour? Or will there be one more mystery stop??

Only tomorrow will tell....

Love and hugs,