Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hello Thailand!

Where to start?
So much has gone on since my last blog. Maybe that's why I haven't posted for a while! I had an excellent trip to Arizona, but more of that later. That was such a great journey that it deserves it's own post. So now I'll talk about something really cool that has been really fun . . .

A live webcam interview in Thailand!
As you may know, Erec Rex is coming out in many countries around the world, which is so exciting! One of the cool things is getting to meet some great people in other countries. For example, I got to do a live interview in Thailand, via a webcam, during the release / launch of Erec Rex at the Bangkok Book Fair! Because of the time difference, it was from 2:00 - 3:30 AM here, so I was a bit out of it, but it was still a blast.

A new Erec Rex website
The Thai publisher put up an awesome Thai Erec Rex website that you should really check out. I love the opening page - wow!! The flash and graphics are great, and even though I can't read the language, it's still fun to see and look for the few English words that pop up here and there.

The Bangkok Book Fair
I am so amazed and impressed with the release of Erec Rex in Thailand. All I can say is, I want one of those scepters! They had a picture of the Erec Rex cover set up so people could take their picture as Erec in front of the cover, holding a scepter. The scepters were exactly like the one on the book cover - that was incredible. Check it out here.

Even more . . .
The people dressed up as Erec, Bethany and King Piter were so cool, too! Erec actually has one green eye, and hair that's straight in front and curly in back. Bethany's dress is patched like in the book! I love it.

So for now, sweet dreams. If I ever get back onto Eastern time it will be a miracle.
Kaza :}


Anonymous said...

Thank you for staying up so late for the interview Kaza. Your reason behind the name Erec Rex was great and the whole activities at the booth were good fun. Can't wait to read your second book now but we have to wait until October.

Kaleb said...

Awesome! I love the photos. I can't get over how realistic those scepters are!

HipWriterMama said...

This is very cool. Hope you're enjoying your travels!

Jenny Graman Meyer said...

It seems as if you are getting lots of support from your foreign publishers. That must be very exciting.

There's a meme going around - 6 Random things about you. Wanna play? Check out the rules on my blog.

Tarie said...

I am so jealous! When is Erec Rex coming out in the Philippines? :o)

By the way, I like the cover for book three. It really has me intrigued about Erec's new adventures.

Kaza Kingsley, http://www.erecrex.com said...

I'm extra lucky, because my Thai publisher is sending me one of the amazing scepters they made for me to keep! I'll take it to schools with me and show everyone. Yay!