Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm Stepping Through My Monitor Screen...

I've got so many exciting things going on online, why not move there entirely? I think I'm going to pack my bags and step through my monitor, and just live in cyberspace a while. (Now there's a good book idea!)

I've been holding out on you, but I'm excited to reveal that soon I'll be going on an online blog tour! There are some amazing blog sites I'll be stopping by. What a pleasure this will be after traveling from coast to coast on a "real" book tour! (Although this is just as real. I'll just be in my comfy clothes and not in a hotel room, that's all!)

This is the kind of tour I'm ready for now, after all my recent travels. And I have more traveling to come, with visits to Phoenix and Cleveland coming up soon. I'll give you more details soon...

In the meantime, here is an awesome interview done by Sookie at Over My Head:
I'm now officially going by Queen of Fabulosity - thanks Sookie!

I have to say, I love the part of Sookie's profile that reads: I was born and raised in Texas where I learned the important things: how to walk in cowboy boots, how to eat a burrito properly (stuff it in your face), and how to read great books. She sounds like a really fun person! Makes me want to eat a burrito with her. (Probably have much better ones in Texas than Ohio!)

I'm also going to be on Book Bites for Kids this Monday, December 17th at 3 PM Eastern time (2 PM Central...) It's an online radio show - very fun!

Another cool blogger is going to interview me soon. Check it out on his site "The Jay," at
Love ya, Jay!

Big question - why even bother with life off screen?

Love and hugs and squeezes,

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Sookie said...'re the coolest ;-)

I refuse to believe that anywhere North, South, East, and West of Texas has proper Tex-Mex.
Again, thanks for letting me interview you!
I'll be waiting to see what happens to Erec....