Sunday, November 4, 2007

Look Alikes?

Hope you're all doing well! I had an Awesome signing today at Cincinnati's first annual Books by the Banks book fair! I was only there two hours, and my first book sold out, a lot of my second, too. It was a really fun crowd, and I met some fun authors... All in all a great time!

Okay, I finally gave in and checked it out. This is a fun site - check it out at I haven't seen anyone get close to 86%, which is odd because I don't see my resemblance to Natalie Imbruglia ...
Fun anyway!!

And here is a cool add-on trick! I think this one is awesome!!

I'm trying to enjoy this R and R now - I'm off to California on Wednesday!!
Love and Kisses,


Anonymous said...

Wow . . . . That is cool.

Anonymous said...

The program's a bit shaky and can be fooled; I believe it reacts to facial expressions (open or closed mouth, eyes, etc) as much as to bone structure, etc.