Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jonathan and me

The fourth book signing I did in Cincinnati was another special one. Another Cincinnati Bengal Pro Football player, Jonathan Fanene, met me at the Barnes and Noble in Newport (across the river in Kentucky) to sign my books with me. Like Landon Johnson, his agent is a friend of mine. It was a quieter signing for some reason, but it was really fun to have him there. It was the day before a home game, and pretty much right after he was done he had to go check into a hotel downtown with the rest of the team.

Like Landon, he was a super nice guy. He made the signing extra fun for me. And interesting! I got to find out more about what goes on in the minds of athletes before big games. Oddly, it reminded me of what goes on in writers' minds as they work. Same getting-in-the-groove, psyching-up issues. Writers have a lot of rituals and superstitions about their work, too.

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Soon I'm off to Cleveland, and get to meet some great kids at a school on the West Side. Then more book signings, then I get to go home for a few days!!

Until then, all love ---

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